July, 1997

El Paseo Montejo Mexico. Mérida. The Yucatan. Mundo Maya.

This journey started back in May 1997 when my brother, Christopher, and I decided to plan a trip to Mexico for his twenty-first birthday.

This has turned into a photo gallery of our trip to Mexico. It's been three years between the time we went and the time I finally got around to putting these images up and online. Most of what you see here is straight from my memory. So, because of that, some of the images may be in the wrong days and I don't have pictures for every day (like Saturday - I can't recall what we did on Saturday).

We started every morning watching The Nanny on some Sony TV station.

You can click on any image to see a larger version in a seperate window..

To explore our journey in the world of the Maya, follow the calendar below or you can look at pictures of just Christopher and Matthew.

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Arrival Merida sights, shopping Progresso, Dzilbiltchun Chichen Itza, Merida sights Celestun Uxmal ???
Sunday 27 Monday 28
Merida en Domingo Mexico City, departure